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Lennox® Ductless System Benefits

During a hot summer day in Western Pennsylvania, nothing feels more satisfying than walking into your home and being greeted with a blast of cool air! In contrast, after a cold winter day, walking into your warm home is the ultimate feeling of relaxation and comfort. The newest ductless systems from Lennox® provide you, and your family, with this incredible level of comfort, while simultaneously lowering your utility bill along with adding several other benefits! Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn even more.

Even Temperature Distribution

One of the biggest reasons homeowners and business owners choose Lennox® ductless systems, is their ability to create a near-perfect temperature distribution throughout your living or working area. This ensures you aren’t left with any uncomfortable hot or cold spots. Simply meeting up to the standards of the industry wasn’t enough for Lennox®. Their ultimate goal became to exceed the standards of comfort, durability, and efficiency of the heating and cooling industry.

Optimal Levels of Comfort

Ductless units can be used in a single room to achieve comfort, such as an addition, garage, attic space, basement, or sunroom. Additionally, ductless units can be used throughout your home to create zoned temperature control. With this feature, if you only use a specific part of your home, instead of having to pay to condition the vacant rooms, the Lennox® zoned heating and cooling allows you to heat or cool only the areas that you need. You no longer have to worry about the cost of heating and cooling your entire home, which will save you money for years to come!

Tax Credits from the Government or Local Utilities?

In an effort to make everything more energy-efficient and go green, the government has [in the past] offered tax credits and incentives for installing ductless heating and cooling systems in your home or business. Generally speaking, the more energy-efficient HVAC systems tend to qualify for the tax credits because they achieve a goal that the federal government is trying to accomplish, which is exactly what ductless systems do!

At the time of writing, the government tax credits are paused. However, local electric utility companies are offering special rebates to incentivize homeowners to choose ductless systems. If you’re thinking about getting a ductless system, check our rebates and offers page to see what credits, coupons, rebates and other offers are available before you buy.

Environmentally Responsible Comfort

One of the best advantages of going with a ductless system is their energy-efficiency that helps you slash your utility bill. Using less energy helps lower the number of greenhouse gases that your system produces. When it comes to the ductless HVAC systems that are available through Lennox, the company uses a refrigerant called R401A. Sometimes, you will also hear it called SUVA® MP39, but what matters most about this type of refrigerant is that research has scientifically proven that it doesn’t deplete the ozone. That means you have purchased one of the most environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems around!

Improved Air Quality for Allergy Sufferers

Additionally, ductless systems include multi-stage filtration to help you and your family breathe easier. The air in your home is run through a series of filters and special technology, which works to lower the bacteria, dust, and allergens found in the air. This helps to ensure that you, your family, and your pets, are breathing the cleanest air possible.

A Perfect Fit for Older Homes

A key problem that homeowners sometimes run across when they have an older home in the greater Pittsburgh area is that they aren’t made for the newer HVAC systems of today. In a lot of cases, your home or business may have a boiler system or other hot water heating system. In which case, there isn’t existing ductwork in the structure to add a traditional air conditioner. A major demolition and construction project could cost thousands of dollars. A ductless system is the ideal choice because you don’t have to accommodate for air vents in the home, which would equate to a huge and costly home project! As opposed to the giant mess and headache of installing ductwork with a traditional system, a ductless system installation is fairly quick and simple.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Many of the other HVAC options can be noisy and obnoxious. That, however, doesn’t prove to be true with the Lennox® ductless HVAC system. There is nothing that can distract you from having a relaxing time watching television and spending time with family! Many of the parts of the system are installed on the outside of your home. For this reason, you will not experience noise inside your home, or in the rooms you have selected for a ductless solution.

Simple & Quick Installation

In comparison to some of the other HVAC options, Lennox® ductless systems don’t require as much time and effort for the installation. Our technicians can often finish the job in only one day. With ductwork, your contractor may have to tear out walls to make room, run the ductwork, and retrofit the space to accommodate traditional HVAC systems – that cost and timeline can add up quickly.

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