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Lennox® Ductless Heating

Since the beginning of civilization, people have sought warmth in the cold, and cooler temperatures when the weather is sweltering hot. That longing for comfort isn’t limited to this era’s busy homemaker. Stoking fires to keep caves warm dates back to 1,900,000 BC, and if you’re a student of history, it’s fascinating to look back at the clever ways humans achieved this feat. Hearths. Braziers. Clay stoves. Primitive heat circulation systems driven by fire that warmed Roman and Greek homes over the ages.

Things Heat Up Over Time

Generating heat – literally and figuratively – became a focus of inventors around 1200 AD as individual societies invented unique systems, methods, and engineering feats that still remain models of creativity. A woman invented and patented the first natural gas-powered central heating system in 1919! Her name was Alice Parker, and it’s likely she would be extremely interested in the amazing technology that has come along since her time.

Today’s systems are smart, and one of the smartest of all is Lennox® Ductless Heating. Lennox offers an extensive line of high-tech HVAC and air quality-improving solutions. Coincidentally, a company this focused on home comfort products produces one of today’s most efficient ductless heating system, too.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ductless heating systems are the best way to heat existing structures that were built without the benefit of ductwork.

What Is a Ductless Heating System?

The design relies upon split traditional heat pump design so home and business owners can “make good retrofit add-ons to houses with “non-ducted” heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and space heaters (wood, kerosene, propane).”

When extending ductwork is either impossible or impractical, a ductless heating configuration can bring warmth to rooms that can’t be heated any other way due to structural limitations. The split between interior and exterior components when installing a ductless system is so efficient, you can easily camouflage them because they’re designed to be sleek, small and unobtrusive.

Ductless heating systems aren’t extremely complicated. They resemble standard air-source pumps, but their components – like the outdoor compressor/condenser, power cable, refrigerant tubing, and condensation drain – take up less room than traditional systems.

In sum, the main advantage of installing a ductless heating system in your home or business is all about having the ability to heat interior zones while taking advantage of smaller-sized equipment, and increased flexibility. A major bonus: you save energy, and money too!
Your ductless heater installation can be accomplished by simply drilling a single hole (around 3”) through a wall to interface the inside and outside components.

No Install Nightmares or Budget-Busting Costs

Our factory-trained ductless HVAC professionals will assess how much connecting conduit material is required to run the system. If you’ve got enough yard or space around your structure, you can even locate the outdoor unit up to 50-feet away from components installed inside.

Here’s the best part of installing a ductless heater: if you remove ductwork from the equation in the engineering of your heating system, the 30-percent energy consumption loss typically experienced by folks with ducted systems becomes a non-factor, so lower heating bills associated with a ductless configuration could do as much to warm your heart when things get cold, as your decision to add a ductless system to your life!

Here’s another perk: because installation only requires a single hole drilled into a wall, your home stays safer, so forget about window-mount units that have the potential to do more than just let in cold air – they can also invite clever intruders.
Let’s count the ways. Lennox ductless heating systems are so state-of-the-art, you may wonder why you didn’t consider this brand earlier in your search for the best product. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Why Lennox®?

1. Lennox ductless systems are simple and streamlined, consisting of just a wall, floor, or ceiling-mounted interior unit that interfaces with the outside compressor via a thread-sized conduit that requires only a small hole in the wall.

2. When business owners or homeowners have minimal space for HVAC equipment, a ductless heater takes up so little space that you’ll hardly notice – or hear – it while it’s operating.

3. No worries about air and water leakage resulting from window-installed units, says 20-year HVAC expert James Bowen. Ductless products offer inverter-driven compressor activity that self-adjusts to meet specific interior spaces. They don’t remain turned on like conventional HVAC compressors that suck up energy.

4. By combining heating and cooling systems, there’s one less system requiring repair, adjustments and maintenance, so home and business owners save time, and worry too.

5. A variety of Lennox ductless split-systems are available to suit a myriad of building sizes. You can enjoy up to 8 separate air-handling units under one roof. Expand capacity when accommodating the largest facilities of all by synchronizing systems to cover areas as expansive as warehouses.

6. You get bragging rights with Lennox ductless products because they represent the best in green heating. That means you positively impact the environment by choosing a Lennox ductless system.

7. You become eligible for tax incentives and rebates for going green!

8. You’ll brag about energy savings benefits. Visit the Internal Revenue Service website, and you’ll be convinced that a Lennox ductless system is the most sensible choice of all.

9. Lennox backs its ductless heating system with impressive guarantees and warranties.
If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are additional reasons to put a Lennox ductless heating system at the top of your wish list:
Seeing is believing, and you’ll become a believer once you weigh your choices, and evaluate the merits of choosing a Lennox® ductless heating system over competitor brands.

Still Need Convincing?

  • These systems have proven themselves to be more efficient in Europe and Asia for decades, and are their primary go-to for heating and cooling, so the U.S. is late coming to the party.
  • They’re Energy Star® recommended so there’s serious certification behind the brand.
  • The 3-inch wall hole that’s drilled to connect system components is so small, nobody will notice it.
  • Once the outdoor unit is in place, you can add up to 8 indoor units (wall, floor, and ceiling-mounted options, along with several color choices), to build a sophisticated, duct-free network using Lennox components.
  • Zoning allows you to customize room settings: cooler bedrooms and warmer living rooms, for example.
  • You can use a wall console, remote control, or even a smartphone app to regulate room settings.
  • This Lennox system immediately solves heating dilemmas of business and homeowners interested in buying buildings that have been constructed without ductwork.
  • Rarely-used space can be excluded from the network so heat is concentrated only on frequently-used rooms, and by combining those savings along with the 30% energy reduction, a ductless system can oftentimes pay for itself!
  • If you live in a high fuel-cost area, you can install a Lennox ductless system during the build-out, instead of going the duct route, saving you time and money in the process.
  • As global warming continues to be debated, a ductless system can prepare your building for all eventualities down the road, including impressive power bill reductions.
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